From Founder’s Desk

Mr. Rajender Swami

Director - (Delhi Darpan Institute of Journalism)
Editor-in-Chief - Delhi Darpan TV & Apni Patrika

On behalf of the Delhi Darpan Institute of Journalism (DDIJ), I extend a very warm welcome to you. We cherish our achievements through success of our students.


Delhi Darpan Institute of Journalism (DDIJ) has grown as one of the finest institutions in India. DDIJ is a noted educational group in the field of journalism and media studies. The academy has evolved from strength, meeting the challenges of new millennium and further empowering our education and practical training programmes in order to make them more responsive to the market realities.

We believe that the next generation needs exceptional academic and intellectual creativity to succeed for a challenging tomorrow. We passionately assume the responsibility of giving a nurturing environment to every student so as to enable them realise their goals in an increasingly competitive world where continuous learning and up-skilling have become essential. This institution stands for its promise to be a trendsetter in the field of media education. We have expanded our focus on missionary journalism to include broadcast television, and digital media as well.

We are indeed indebted to them and all our faculty members, visiting faculties and members of the Journalism and TV industry for their keen interest and support to our students. The academy offers the most cost-effective education in India. We train our students on values like team-spirit, honesty, integrity, responsibility and truthfulness. The training methodology has been designed to empower incumbent trainees to undertake responsibilities and have access to world class resources.

Our goal is to aid students in identifying what sparks a light within them and to keep that spark ignited throughout their professional career. We offer a lucrative opportunity to these aspiring students through our industry-oriented media education. I encourage you to carefully explore the DDIJ website and discover exactly what we can offer you.

(DDIJ)’s high professional standards have come in for praise from all walks of life. We welcome all our new students and hope to share good time together in serious learning of Journalism and media studies. Providing unique and finest training since its inception and giving wings to dreams is what we do best.


Wish you best of luck in your future endeavors.